Handmade Art Journals

I take great pride in offering one of a kind oversized art journals. They are exceptional quality for a great price.  These journals are handmade, so they have character - they are not traditionally bound like journals you will find in craft stores. My journals are perfect for mixed media, especially heavy watercolor painting and layers of collaged paper, mark making and various art supplies.

Leather Bound Travelers Art Journal

  • Oversized 9X13 Art Journal 
  • Brown Cowhide Leather cover with leather cord enclosure that includes Beads (in shades of turquoise)
  • Compass conch and a Key 
  • Includes silver elastic cording and silver tone findings 
  • 96 pages Strathmore 80# Cream 400 Series Drawing paper 
  • 60 pages 140# Traditional White Hot or Cold Press Watercolor Paper (your choice) 
  • 20 pages of Fine Grade Raw Canv

Canvas Hardcover Art Journal

  • Oversized 9X12
  • 80 pages
  • 140#  White Cold Press Watercolor Paper
  • Cardboard Bound with Raw Cotton Canvas Cover you can paint
  • Coptic Bound with waxed cord - journal lays flat at all times

Why Art Journal?

Because it's fun!

I absolutely love to paint in my art journals. Sometimes I draw a figure, add a background, a layer of collage and paint. Other times I finger paint, do some mark making or try out new art supplies. Art journaling is freeing, the blank page is filled with whatever my heart and hands wish to create. Color is therapy for me so this is the perfect place to express feelings, try out new techniques and lots of trial and error. Practice, practice, practice.

There is a collection of about five unfinished art journals in my journals collection. I've been searching for the perfect type of book to do my artwork in. These traditionally bound unfinished art journals are nice, the paper may be okay or the size is just right (or not) but the common theme of these traditionally bound journals is the pages don't lay flat. Then I found out about the coptic bound book. The coptic bound book is hand sewn in a way that allows the pages to open and lay completely flat. As soon as I realized my art journals could lay flat, I wanted to make the perfect journal right away. I could control the size, paper, binding and cover options. The results are amazing!

I love that these art journals are portable and pages work up quickly. Good quality and absorbent watercolor paper can accommodate heavy watercolor, generous layers of collaged images, mark making and more paint and media over that. 

I'm currently working on the perfect mixed media travel kit to work in my art journal on the go. I will share the photos of my essential art supplies in a  travel kit when I have it put together. So please come back to visit, I plan to update this site often with new content.