About Michelle

As an artist, I am passionate about the process of creating mixed media art on canvas and in my art journal. I appreciate fine art supplies for the longevity of the pieces I create. The heartbeat and style of my work is whimsical folk style girls in nature. My favorite art supplies are watercolor, colored pencil, oil pastels and acrylics. There are many layers of paint and collaged figures or elements in my paintings. Each piece is thoughtfully created over time as I wait for the spirit of the piece to speak to me, a process called Intuitive Painting.

Supplies used most often in my paintings are: Watercolor, Acrylic, Fluid Ink, Spray India Ink, Acrylic Markers, Water Soluble Oil Pastels, Matte Fixative, Stabilo Black and White pencils, Colored Pencils, Clear Gesso, Paper, Glitter, Matte Medium and Dorlands Wax Medium to seal.

I'd love to share my studio space and am available for creative get togethers onsite or for art parties, please call 805-270-3428 to make arrangements. 

Working Studio located at:

M Street Art Complex 

1419 M. Street #8

Fresno, Ca 93721

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